Virtual assistant who earns $ 8,000 per month shares 11 business tools

  • Mary Carrasquillo is a 23-year-old virtual assistant on her way to six figures this year.
  • As a virtual assistant, her tasks include scheduling and sending invoices.
  • Here are the top 11 digital tools she uses to run her business.

Mary Carrasquillo started her business of virtual assistants, Create with MKC, when she was 22 years old as a solution to her unemployment.

After graduating from college during the pandemic, Carrasquillo couldn’t find a job and sought a career she was passionate about. In the summer of 2020, she met a TikTok account who introduced her to the world of virtual assistants.

After further researching, she decided to launch her own set of virtual assistant services in December 2020. The launch of her business came at a time when corporate or freelance work has become an important sector of the business. economy, and virtual assistants have entered the workforce in record fashion. Numbers. External agencies and virtual assistants reported a 41% increase in hires in 2020 compared to 2019, according to a report from remote work expert and market analyst NanoGlobals.

Today, Carrasquillo is a full-time social media manager and virtual assistant for brands and entrepreneurs across the country. It has already recorded more than $ 8,000 in sales this month and is on track to reach six figures in revenue in 2022.

Carrasquillo shared with Insider his top tips for becoming a virtual assistant, including 11 digital tools that all virtual assistants should consider using.

“A lot of the tools I use have a monthly subscription, which I was able to add now after growing my business,” Carrasquillo said, adding that when starting a VA business for the first time, the free alternatives are a great one. way to start. Work on having higher or more extensive tools once you have clients locked in, she said.

Here are the 11 best tools that help Carrasquillo run his virtual assistant business, including free alternatives to try when getting started.