YouTube requires users to watch up to five ads before a video

YouTube will now place up to five ads before videos on its non-premium service.

By Britta DeVore | Posted

YouTube has really seen some anger among its user base over the past few days. The first snafu this week happened when the video streaming platform was accused of failing to properly filter out violence and sexual content on their YouTube Kids app, and now they’re being targeted for their annoying new advertising strategy. That’s right, if you were already on edge with streaming services like Netflix forging ahead with their own commercial breaks, be prepared because YouTube is planning to keep you waiting a long time before you can watch your featured video. Without even an ad, YouTube increased its ad count from two to five overnight.

The worst part? As many users note, you can no longer watch a snippet of product placement and then jump straight to the content that brought you to the site in the first place. Ah, the good old days.

The good news for those paying to use YouTube Premium is that the switch is only happening to those who haven’t subscribed and are receiving the service at its lowest base – YouTube Free. But, as you can imagine, YouTube Free users weren’t too happy, quickly taking to various platforms like Reddit and Twitter to express their outrage.

In one tweet, which you can see above, a user took a picture of his screen commenting on his annoyance at having to sit through “5 long, unskipable commercials.” Only slightly copying the new a dedition, YouTube took to Twitter to clear things up. Their response, which you can see below, did little to ease subscribers’ concerns.

Starting with a pointless “hmm”, as if they weren’t sure why a new plan they had put together was happening, the response revealed that the five unskipable ads are most likely due to something called “buffer ads”. They went on to explain that there were so many commercials because each clip was only six seconds long. Passing this one to the customer service team, the tweet completed by asking those upset with the newly implemented changes to send their feedback to YouTube.

As mentioned up top, streaming juggernaut Netflix is ​​also planning to upgrade to a tiered plan that would see some pay extra to see their favorite shows and movies ad-free. The announcement came after the platform revealed plans to raise the price of its service, receiving a pushback and losing a slew of subscribers. Like YouTube, Netflix is ​​surely thinking about the business side of things and how to make more money, knowing that people will continue to pay for their content no matter what.

While some of you might be reading this while using YouTube Free and wondering why you haven’t received the annoying extra ads yet, you might be in luck. It looks like the new changes are moving slowly, with YouTube perhaps testing the waters before launching the program fully. Apart from being a pain in the back for users, this one is sure to hurt artists like Jojo Siwa and MrBeast.